Lose Yourself

For our very last project for Digital Media, we created something new to put in our frame. We decided as a class to each choose a song that had special meaning to us and make a visual representation of the lyrics of that song. I chose to do the lyrics of Lose Yourself by Eminem. Not only is Lose Yourself one of my favorite songs, it also has a great moral that you must take advantage of every opportunity you get in your life because it may be you only chance. Anyway, here’s the image I created, using one of the images I created at the beginning of the semester as a background for the image.


I’m N Luv Wit An Apple (REMIX)

Before turning in my final project, I made a few tweaks and cut out one verse. I added a little intro tune, some effects and synced up the voices a little better. So here is I’m N Luv Wit An Apple (Remix)…

I’m N Luv Wit An Apple

For our Final DMC project we had to make a video of our own style choice. I chose to make a music video spoof of the song I’m N Luv Wit A Stripper by T-Pain feat. Mike Jones. I made my song/video about Apple computers and renamed it I’m N Luv Wit An Apple. For this project, I got help from my fellow fellow, Luke LeSourd. I found this project to be a lot of fun although a lot of work. I had a great amount of fun recording the song, filming the music video, and editing the video. The production of this video really made me realize how much I have learned in the past month in Digital Media Convergence.

Possible Research

If I were to consider research in my field, I would like to research the views of movie critics and why their tastes, in most cases, differ from that of the public. I would like to know what critics are looking for in a movie and try to find more common people critics that view films from a common person’s viewpoint. After conducting research, I would like to create hypothetically best movie in the eyes of critics. FilmCritic.com and Rotten Tomatoes are good websites to see what movie critics think of the current films.


For our latest DMC project we had to take portrait pictures. For my portraits I decided to do themed portraits for all of my pictures. I found a few friends from around campus and allowed them to choose what they wanted to be represented as. So, without further ado, here are my best portrait photos.

Redone Surreal Photos

After we made our surreal photos a week or two ago, our teacher commented on our projects and we re-did or  made better all of our surreal photos. This time around, I felt it was much easier to not only edit my photos, but to recreate new ones now that I knew what I wanted to do and exactly how to do it in photoshop. I simply made most of my photos better, but I completely re-did one of them, so take a look at the newest ones.

Bad Mario & Pigment of My Imagination

In today’s class, we watched every student’s time lapse/stop motion. I thought all of the projects were very good, the two that stood out as spectacular to me were the creations from David Gwynn and Greg Gentile. I thought Greg’s was especially well made and was not only created flawlessly, but added a bit of humor to the otherwise basic and emotionless films. Both of the links can be seen below but be sure to check out David and Greg‘s blogs to see more of their work.