Youth in Revolt

Last night, with a group of Comm. Fellows, I went to see the new Michael Cera movie, Youth In Revolt. Despite including a little more mature content than I had expected, I found the film very amusing. However, during the entire movie, I found myself wondering how they filmed a few of the scenes, if I could do it with my skill set, and how much time they took. For the first few minutes of the movie, I had trouble figuring out how they were able to have the same actor be in the same place at the same time in two different roles. After a little bit of thinking and studying, I realized that every scene in which the two were together, the camera was still and the background had no motion. Therefore, they simply overlaid two separate clips just like one does in Photoshop to create the same effect with still frames. There were also a few scenes in the movie that used full claymation, and I found myself thinking how difficult and time consuming it must have been to create those few scenes. From this experience, I have realized that I can no longer watch a film without analyzing it. However, although I found myself analyzing the film, I was still able to enjoy the film at the same time, which I never thought I could have done in the past. I believe that analyzing a film may lead one to understand the film production better and therefore appreciate a good film even more than normal.


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