Along with three Comm Fellows and hallmates (Greg Gentile, David Gwynn, and Will Anderson), I formed a Hip-Hop/Rap group called “project Halcyon”. Originally, we specialized in birthday raps for our friends, but soon after decided to make full length original songs. With a beat written by Greg Gentile and filming by Michael Soucy, we created this completely original rap for three girls on our hall. The song is entitled Requiem For A Booty and is in reaction to a rap we got from the three girls in late October. The song will also be premiered on our radio show tomorrow between 11-12 so listen in at



3G Coverage

Last week, I started a radio show with two of my hallmates, Will Anderson and Katie O’Brien. Our show, called 3G Coverage, features popular hip/hop, pop, and country music and can be heard live around the country on Sundays from 11 a.m. to noon on the WSOE website. You can also follow us on Facebook and request songs every week by writing on the 3G coverage Facebook Wall.

Day N Night

For my first Digital Art project we had to take a piece of artwork and re-create it totally from scratch using Adobe Illustrator. For my image, I chose the Kid Cudi Day N Night Album Cover (Shown Below). We were not allowed to use text, which is why none of the text from the original image is carried over. However, we were allowed to make our own versions of the image, so I made some slight modifications and did not attempt to do the face and instead replaced his face with a space mask. This was my first time using Adobe Illustrator, so of course it was quite difficult and didn’t turn out perfect. I am, however, very proud of my work on this image. So, here it is…