Type Project

For our Digital Art class, our last assignment was to make an image totally out of text in Adobe Illustrator. Other than that, there were really no directions except that you could use no objects other than text to make the image. You could either choose to make multiple simple projects or spend your entire time working on one complicated projects. I decided to make multiple simple projects. Below are all of the projects that I created.

For this one, I used multiple tools to create a colorful image of my name and make it appear as though there were smoke coming out of it. If you look closely, you will notice that the smoke clouds are, in fact, made completely out of whichever letter they seem to be smoking from.  

For this one, I rotated each letter of the alphabet in a circle and layered all of the circles slightly on top of each other and gave each circle a different color to create the psychedelic image you see below. Don’t look too long, it may hurt your eyes 😉

This is the same one in black and white. You decide which one you like better.

For this one, I decided to make one that symbolized the Circle of Life. I took each letter of LIFE and rotated it in a circle and overlayed them similar to the images above. I then colored each letter (blue for the sky, green for the grass, brown for the dirt, and black for the darkness of life).

For this one, I mocked the Dharma Initiative symbol from the popular television show, “LOST”. This is nearly an exact replica of the symbol, but I made it totally out of capital I’s along with one O and the actual words “DHARMA”.

If you would like to see these images in full size, visit my Flickr account at http://www.flickr.com/photos/46329510@N05/sets/72157623458274217/