Fellows Weekend Article

Dan Enders

March 7, 2010

Fellows Weekend

Fellows Weekend, an orientation for selected honors students, kicked off the March madness for the Elon University campus. Groundskeepers and event organizers rushed to prepare the campus for the event.

The groundskeepers are always seen riding around in their “E-Lectric” carts replacing bricks and cutting grass. But, this past week, they stepped up their game and put forth all of their efforts to make the campus look as beautiful as possible for the Fellow visitors and their families.

Prior to the arrival of the prospective Fellows, groundskeepers were seen doing everything from trimming hedges to replacing flat screen televisions. The groundskeepers on campus have built a reputation for being very particular and timely.

During the weekend, prospective Fellows tour campus, attend information sessions, attend a “mixer” for their section, participate in an interview, and attend a sample Elon class. Prospective students’ families are also invited to the weekend and are given a chance to tour the campus and attend a variety of information sessions.

Last Thursday it seemed as though the winter weather may be sticking around, but on Friday, spring had arrived.

Due to the nice weather, the campus was more visually appealing to the visiting prospects. “The appearance of Elon was one of my favorite things about the school,” said Business Fellow prospect, Matt Gentile.

The Fellows program is an honors program that is divided into multiple sections based on majors, such as Business, Education, Communication, etc.

The groundskeepers were not the only ones who put forth effort to make the weekend’s activities go smoothly. Thanks to the Fellows Weekend coordinators and director, Dr. Kenn Gaither, all of the prospects were given an equal chance to show off their talents.

“About once a week in the spring, Fellows directors meet to ensure consistency between programs,” said Gaither, “Comm is the best due to the student energy.”

The current Fellows students were also a vital part in the success of the weekend. Gaither emailed all of the current Communications Fellows students to both ask them for their opinions and inform them of the optional events for them to attend.

“The students of Elon were very accommodating over the weekend,” said Gentile, “and I didn’t speak to any professor who wasn’t extremely nice.”

Being a four-year veteran, Dr. Gaither says that he does not intend to make any adjustments for next year, nor has he felt the need to in the past. For the Communications Fellows, the classic “mixer”, a time for prospects to meet professors and current Fellows, was an extremely important part of the weekend for both the prospects and the coordinators.

Despite the great amount of work put into the appearance of the campus, according to Dr. Gaither, “the student presence in more important than the building’s appearance.”


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