Possible Research

If I were to consider research in my field, I would like to research the views of movie critics and why their tastes, in most cases, differ from that of the public. I would like to know what critics are looking for in a movie and try to find more common people critics that view films from a common person’s viewpoint. After conducting research, I would like to create hypothetically best movie in the eyes of critics. FilmCritic.com and Rotten Tomatoes are good websites to see what movie critics think of the current films.


Bad Mario & Pigment of My Imagination

In today’s class, we watched every student’s time lapse/stop motion. I thought all of the projects were very good, the two that stood out as spectacular to me were the creations from David Gwynn and Greg Gentile. I thought Greg’s was especially well made and was not only created flawlessly, but added a bit of humor to the otherwise basic and emotionless films. Both of the links can be seen below but be sure to check out David and Greg‘s blogs to see more of their work.

Online Contests

Yesterday in Digital Media we learned about the changes in news over the years as well as a few different online sites for video and film contests where anybody can enter a video and win a variety of prizes. A few of the sites we learned about are Vidopp, Votigo, and OnlineVideoContests. These sites offer great prizes for simple videos and also some great ideas if you are looking for any kind of video project idea.

And The Winner Is…

For the Underground Gallery, I like Kaitlyn Winston’s logo the best.

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