Lose Yourself

For our very last project for Digital Media, we created something new to put in our frame. We decided as a class to each choose a song that had special meaning to us and make a visual representation of the lyrics of that song. I chose to do the lyrics of Lose Yourself by Eminem. Not only is Lose Yourself one of my favorite songs, it also has a great moral that you must take advantage of every opportunity you get in your life because it may be you only chance. Anyway, here’s the image I created, using one of the images I created at the beginning of the semester as a background for the image.



For our latest DMC project we had to take portrait pictures. For my portraits I decided to do themed portraits for all of my pictures. I found a few friends from around campus and allowed them to choose what they wanted to be represented as. So, without further ado, here are my best portrait photos.

Redone Surreal Photos

After we made our surreal photos a week or two ago, our teacher commented on our projects and we re-did or  made better all of our surreal photos. This time around, I felt it was much easier to not only edit my photos, but to recreate new ones now that I knew what I wanted to do and exactly how to do it in photoshop. I simply made most of my photos better, but I completely re-did one of them, so take a look at the newest ones.

Street Photography

For this week’s project we had to take street photography pictures. At first, i was a little intimidated and afraid to talk to people, but after talking to a few kind citizens of Burlington, i felt very comfortable. While out taking photos with Jenna Strucko and Sarah Dodge I met two of the nicest people in the world, the Barbees. In an earlier post, I elaborated on my encounter with the Barbees, and pictures of them are featured below in my street photos. Also featured below are photos from the original Skid’s Drive-In Restaurant and a local thrift store.

Underground Gallery

For our latest Digital Media project we were given an 11×15 frame that would be displayed in the Communications building. We’re given no guidelines other than to be creative in filling the frame. For mine, I spelled out ELON UNIVERSITY and filled the letters with more than 250 photos taken around campus by the Comm Fellows in my Digital Media class. I got this idea from an old poster I used to have of an Bald eagle behind an American flag that was made using a different historical picture as the pixels. I couldn’t find the exact poster I had as a child but here’s a similar one of Barack Obama. Enjoy!

Is It Real?!?

For our latest Digital Media project, we experimented with surreal photography. Surreal photography is basically using Photoshop to create images that are unreal and impossible to create in real life, but look like they could be real. I found a lot of my inspiration for this project from Way Cool Pictures, which is a great website for surreal photography. At first I thought I would never be able to think of ideas for this assignment, but after surfing the web for pictures for an hour or so I found it very easy to come up with ideas. The execution, on the other hand, was much more difficult. Before even taking the pictures, I had to think about how I would be able to edit them to look right in Photoshop. Then, I had to actually go through the strenuous process of editing them in Photoshop. However, after all of the work I put into these photos, I think they turned out pretty well.

What Time Is It?!

For this Digital Media project we had to pick a theme and take pictures that relate to that theme. For my theme I chose time and here’s what I came up with. I drew a great amount of my inspiration for this project from Acclaim Images.  I wanted to mimic many of these images, but due to the lack of analog clocks on campus, I was forced to work primarily with digital clocks. At first, I thought this assignment would be very simple, but once I started, I realized it was much more difficult to do than I thought.