I’m N Luv Wit An Apple (REMIX)

Before turning in my final project, I made a few tweaks and cut out one verse. I added a little intro tune, some effects and synced up the voices a little better. So here is I’m N Luv Wit An Apple (Remix)…


I’m N Luv Wit An Apple

For our Final DMC project we had to make a video of our own style choice. I chose to make a music video spoof of the song I’m N Luv Wit A Stripper by T-Pain feat. Mike Jones. I made my song/video about Apple computers and renamed it I’m N Luv Wit An Apple. For this project, I got help from my fellow fellow, Luke LeSourd. I found this project to be a lot of fun although a lot of work. I had a great amount of fun recording the song, filming the music video, and editing the video. The production of this video really made me realize how much I have learned in the past month in Digital Media Convergence.

Bad Mario & Pigment of My Imagination

In today’s class, we watched every student’s time lapse/stop motion. I thought all of the projects were very good, the two that stood out as spectacular to me were the creations from David Gwynn and Greg Gentile. I thought Greg’s was especially well made and was not only created flawlessly, but added a bit of humor to the otherwise basic and emotionless films. Both of the links can be seen below but be sure to check out David and Greg‘s blogs to see more of their work.

What Time Is It? GAME TIME!

For our latest DMC project, we had to create a time lapse or stop motion film. For my project, I created a time lapse project of the latest Elon women’s basketball game. Along with the time lapse, I used a tilt shift technique to make the people look like miniatures. For the tilt shift, you blur the top and bottom of the frame and leave one strip of focused footage. This creates the illusion of miniature people. My inspiration for this came from this amazing tilt shift film of a loading dock. Below is the youtube link to my short film, Game Time.

Style of Gentile

Our latest video assignment for Digital Media was to use our newly learned skills of lighting and filmmaking to create a short interview of a classmate. I interviewed Greg Gentile for the assignment. In the interview he talked about the work he has done for Digital Media and his experiences in the class. Here’s what I created.

The Address

For DMC we had to write a story to go along with an Edward Hopper painting and create a short picture video with a voiceover and quite a bit of final cut editing to tell the story of the painting. After creating the first draft last week, our Digital Media professor handed back grades and comments on the project and assigned us the task of re-doing the project using the techniques and sources we learned in class. For this newest edition, I recruited the help of David Gwynn and Leigh Burgess for the voices. So here’s the newest edited version of “The Address”.