Best Worst Movie

Last night, we watched a yet to be released documentary called, the Best Worst Movie. This movie is an extremely entertaining documentary about the cult-like followers of Troll 2, a film made in the 1990’s that was ranked the worst movie ever. This documentary is great because it ventures into the life of the main characters of the movie and takes the audience on a tour throughout the world, following this cult-like group of followers. These followers are attracted to this movie because they believe that the film was so terrible that it was great. Although the film was intended to be a horror film, it has become known as a great comedy and attracts audiences all over the world. Over the past few years, screenings have been held throughout the United States and the rest of the world, and have sold out nearly every screening. This documentary is a hilarious tracking of these followers and main characters of the movie and includes clips from the film. Along with being able to get a sneak peak of the documentary prior to its release, we were able to meet the director, producer, and main character of the film. Although the documentary is yet to be released, the full length Troll 2 feature film is available to watch on Hulu.



Today, I went to downtown Burlington with Jenna Strucko and Sarah Dodge to take street photography pictures for Digital Media. I didn’t really expect to find anything to special and was just focused on taking a few good pictures for the class. Once I got to Burlington, however, I spotted a car cleaning service that looked relatively slow. We decided to go inside and see if we could take a few pictures of the old looking shop. As soon as we walked inside, we were greeted by the shop owner, Mr. Henry Barbee who before we could even introduce ourselves was extremely accommodating. After a short conversation, Mr. Barbee informed us that the shop was actually closed and he was just sitting down to lunch with his wife, who was out getting a few groceries. However, instead of asking us to leave, he went on to invite us to stay and take pictures of him and his wife.

After his wife returned, we had a great conversation with Mr. and Mrs. Barbee for almost an hour. Not only did we get some great shots of the Barbee’s but we also had a great time and great conversation full of laughter and enjoyment. I never thought, I could bond so easily and quickly with the people of Burlington without any effort whatsoever. Although we only talked for about an hour, it seemed as though we had known each other for years. This experience at Barbee’s Car Cleaning Service is one I will never forget.

Youth in Revolt

Last night, with a group of Comm. Fellows, I went to see the new Michael Cera movie, Youth In Revolt. Despite including a little more mature content than I had expected, I found the film very amusing. However, during the entire movie, I found myself wondering how they filmed a few of the scenes, if I could do it with my skill set, and how much time they took. For the first few minutes of the movie, I had trouble figuring out how they were able to have the same actor be in the same place at the same time in two different roles. After a little bit of thinking and studying, I realized that every scene in which the two were together, the camera was still and the background had no motion. Therefore, they simply overlaid two separate clips just like one does in Photoshop to create the same effect with still frames. There were also a few scenes in the movie that used full claymation, and I found myself thinking how difficult and time consuming it must have been to create those few scenes. From this experience, I have realized that I can no longer watch a film without analyzing it. However, although I found myself analyzing the film, I was still able to enjoy the film at the same time, which I never thought I could have done in the past. I believe that analyzing a film may lead one to understand the film production better and therefore appreciate a good film even more than normal.