Day N Night

For my first Digital Art project we had to take a piece of artwork and re-create it totally from scratch using Adobe Illustrator. For my image, I chose the Kid Cudi Day N Night Album Cover (Shown Below). We were not allowed to use text, which is why none of the text from the original image is carried over. However, we were allowed to make our own versions of the image, so I made some slight modifications and did not attempt to do the face and instead replaced his face with a space mask. This was my first time using Adobe Illustrator, so of course it was quite difficult and didn’t turn out perfect. I am, however, very proud of my work on this image. So, here it is…


Night Time

For the latest Digital Media assignment, we had to take night photography. With night photography, due to the lack of light, a low shutter speed must be used which creates streaks of light from moving objects with lights, such as cars. Here are some of the best pictures that I came up with.